DITL of Kiwi; Saturday September 3, 2016

You would think that Saturday, being the weekend, would be one of my favourite days of the week.b359b17a-7cca-477b-8ca6-e3eca9d89e93.gif

Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.


I go into work earlier than normal on Saturday. Granted, its only an hour, but when you have an hour-long commute in, shifting your schedule can take a little bit of work.

Most Saturdays I end up doing some yoga or a short run, but this time I decided to try something a little different. However, this is… more or less my every day routine.

0345 alarm goes off… press snooze.
0355 second alarm goes off… I’m up, I’m up.

0400-0430 up and at ’em! Dressed, stretch and waiting for my pre-workout to kick in!

0445 Getting my BCAA prepped 2 scoops/24oz water


0450-0530 3.05 mile run with my favourite partner

0540-0610 30-minute FitStar workout in the park

0615-0630 get ready for work!

0630-0700 make breakfast and prep food for the day I plan my meals at least one day in advance 😉


0700-0800 the long commute to work; but at least I have breakfast


0814 don’t ask – 1015 work work work!

1015 shake break!


1030 didn’t plan on having any of this… BUT. It was delicious and I had a small corner of both 😡


1030-1230 work work work

1230-1315 LUNCHTIMEIMG_4780
1315-1600 more work… but took a little break while photographing some inventory to pose with my new favourite pre-owned vehicle on the lot ❤


1645 yoghurt break

1800-1900 long commutes home call for a selfie



1930-2030 relax and vegging out after a long day

2030 midnight snack before bed ❤


2100 I lied… one more


2115 time for bed!

Even though Sundays are my day off, I enjoy going to bed early and keeping my routine somewhat consistent. I tend to wake up around 5 or 6 on Sundays I have to sleep in sometime, right? and I looooove having those early morning hours to myself. The quiet and stillness of the world while everyone else is sleeping is something I’ve come to truly enjoy and cherish as part of my daily ritual.

That’s my day in a nutshell..


Most days are about the same.. sometimes I eat better… some days are worse. But our journey to wellness will be a life-long experiment. #noperfectionallowed

Enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed a little look into my daily routine!


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