Green Eggs Breakfast (sorry, no ham this time)

Not everything turns out the way you’d like them to. Due to some rather obnoxious circumstances at my apartment, I was left without gas for a total of two weeks. In that time, I was eager to try and find some alternative methods of cooking; breakfast especially. I tried making an egg with cheese, veggies and the like in the toaster oven and it was…. awful. Just.. inedible. Luckily, for things other than breakfast, I was able to enjoy the usage of my slow cooker. Because really… crock pots are a gift from the heavens when it comes to… just about everything.

But, alas, this post is not about a crock pot. Though, I have recently upgraded from my mom’s teenie-tiny vintage crock that I remember from my childhood to a magnificent, programmable and timed behemoth that does nothing but produce the most delectable and AMAZING creations.

I digress.


I love breakfast. I could eat breakfast foods all day, every day. In the last few years, I’ve become obsessed with eggs. Omelettes, fried, scrambled, over easy, poached… about the only way I refuse to eat them is hard-boiled or deviled… the consistency of them when they are prepared in that way is horrible to me. I’ve tried a lot of different things after surgery in order to branch out and re-try things that I would have otherwise stuck my nose up to.

Oatmeal was one of those things that I HATED.. until after surgery. I started screwing around with the ratio to find my perfect balance for the right texture and now I can’t get enough.

I’m getting side-tracked a lot today… what’s up with that? Get to the point, Karen. Anyway..

I’m also trying to incorporate more vegetables into my diet. I know I’m not eating enough. So, I’ve found that the best way for me to try and up my veggie intake is to add them to things I already eat. Like protein shakes… and eggs! So I made some green eggs no ham for breakfast!

Fry up some onions I like my pieces big, but cut them the way you like them!
Add in any other veggies you might like then set aside.. I sometimes add bell peppers and tomatoes, too!
Then take a handful of spinach or kale; whatever and put it in a blender or food processor with your eggs.
Blend it up and then make your omelette!
Add in your cooked veggies, cheese I used goat cheese here, flip and enjoy!


It takes some practice to get a good technique down for making a pretty-looking omelette. The BIGGEST help I’ve found is a reeeeally good non-stick pan. I bought a set of an 8-inch and a 10-inch non-stick pan from Calphalon when it was on sale at JCPenney and let me tell you, it was the best decision I’ve made in the kitchen in a while.

Luckily, when our gas was turned off for a second time, I was able to use my parent’s propane camping stove. It was only a single burner, so it wasn’t the most convenient, obviously, but hey.. at least I could do something.

Everything was turned back on yesterday and I’m hoping to get a few more posts up this weekend. This whole situation at the apartment has set me back by a couple of posts and I’d like to try and make up for it sooner rather than later! Cheesecake, tarts… ALL OF THE THINGS.

I hope you guys enjoy the changing seasons and embrace all that it has to offer!




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