QUICK HACK – Mini Cracker/Triscut Pizzas

Hey guys. My name is Karen. And I’m addicted to pizza.



Being a good¬†HUMAN bariatric patient, I only indulge in REAL, bready, carby pizza from time to time. I love it. I regret nothing. I can’t see depriving myself of something I love for the sake of my figure. It’s all about balance, man!

But I also know when enough is enough… kinda. So I’m always trying to find healthier alternatives to it. BALANCE.

You Will Need:


  • Triscuts, Wheat Thins or other cracker of your choice; you do you!!
  • mozzarella cheese
  • toppings of your choosing; I love using turkey pepperonis the most
  • Italian seasoning
  • sauce for dipping; optional


  1. Line a small baking pan with crackers and top with mozzarella cheese. Add your seasonings and desired toppings and place in the toaster oven on broil until the cheese bubbles
  2. Warm up the sauce and dip your pizza crackers in sauce if you’d like!



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