A CALL TO ACTION! Kiwi Needs Your Help

Hey guys, Karen/Kiwi here!

If you follow me on instagram, (@kiwithetattooedlady) you’ll know the story of me losing my job at the beginning of this summer. It’s been a stressful several weeks, and though I have started my new position at Eat Fit Go here in Portland, I have very limited hours available until the retail locations actually open on August 28th. (I average 3hrs per week.. though I am also starting up a contract position with Instacart in the meantime for some extra cash.)

Here are the real facts. After exhausting my savings on necessities; rent, food, car payments, dog food, etc., I’ve fallen behind on others.

I’ve pooled together some resources to start up a fundraising campaign selling t-shirts in order to try and play catch up, while also spreading the word about my blog! If I’ve learned anything about a small business start up, its not being afraid to ask for help.

So here I am, at my most vulnerable; still afraid and still asking for help. CLICK HERE to see how.


I originally made this shirt to use as shameless self promotion during a competitive runĀ that I didn’t end up getting to competeĀ in due to injury, so now I’ve re-designed them to have 2 different cuts and 3 awesome colours! We have 16 sold as of right now and I need a total of 24 to be ordered before they are guaranteed to print. We’re so close!

I’ve been SO LUCKY to have as many people purchase t-shirts and donate additional funds already.. I can’t even begin to say thank you to those who have contributed and continue to support me either by buying a tshirt, or listening to me rant about my neighbours stealing my parking spot. HA.

So if you love what I do, or just love ME and the idea of #mindfultreating, please consider buying a shirt to show the world your love for me and help me get back on my feet.

Here’s how you can help!




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