spicy maple turkey

Spicy Maple Turkey with Roasted Vegetables

Sweet, spicy and hella delicious. Roast whatever vegetables you prefer to make it seasonal or pair it with a side of mashed root vegetables instead!

halloween bash

Mrs Lovett’s Meatpies; The BEST Pies in Portland

My favourite French meat pie recipe passed down from my mother; makes enough to share or freeze!


QUICK HACK – Easy Riced Broccoli and BONUS Brocco-Tot recipe!

I did I super quick live stream on instagram two week ago¬†about how I made my broccoli rice. It was really short. The last few times I bought broccoli, I made sure to cut off the crowns and set aside the stalks. I've purchased broccoli rice from Trader Joe's before and figured it can't be … Continue reading QUICK HACK – Easy Riced Broccoli and BONUS Brocco-Tot recipe!

Hard Cider Glazed Chicken

Have you got some hard cider at home? What about some chicken? Some apples? GOOD. Then you almost have enough to make this hard cider glazed chicken! You Will Need: 2-3 chicken breasts 1 16oz bottle of hard cider of choice I used Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple, but you could use any flavour your prefer … Continue reading Hard Cider Glazed Chicken